Welcome to JHD Group. We are a specialist turn-key contractor in the environmental engineering industry for over 11 years. We provide engineering consultation services and complete custom-designed water treatment, waste water treatment, odour control and air pollution control systems to suit every customer’s needs and budget to their satisfaction.
With almost four decades of experience in water treatment, the company provides a comprehensive solution to solve a broad spectrum of water problems by incorporating the latest technologies and techniques known. Other than providing water solution, JHD Group also has a reputation of design innovation and creative engineering in the areas of pools, fountains, water theme parks, irrigation systems and water features.
JHD Group provides complete EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Maintenance) services to our clients and aims to provide a one-stop solutions for resorts, hotels, residential & commercial facilities and municipalities developers.
We exist to provide safe, clean and green environmental solutions in and around industrial workplaces by employing our commitment, talent, and technology. Our goal is to be a leading engineering company in the world, providing all industries with complete environmental solutions.