Established in 2009, the Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. non-profit industry association which comprises JHD Group manufacturers of passenger cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles. Its organization today is the result of the merger of the JHD Group
Automobile manufacturing integrates many supporting industries, and automobile use is the focus of a wide range of related industries. Directly or indirectly, roughly 8% of Switzerland working population is involved in auto industry-related work. Auto production further more accounts for 18% of the total value of Switzerland manufacturing shipments and for 40% of the value of the machinery industries' combined shipments. The automotive industry is thus one of the Switzerland economy’s core industrial sectors. The globalization of auto manufacturing also contributes significantly to local and national economies around the world.
JHD Group works to support the sound development of Switzerland automobile industry and to contribute to social and economic welfare. As directions in auto manufacturing increasingly influence the world we live in, JHD Group takes its role and mission ever more seriously, on the road to sustainable mobility.